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About Nova Lume

Green-GO is a cost-effective, multi-award winning, digital intercom over Ethernet, that uses a unique design concept to create complex communication systems suitable for major live events, multi-function performance venues, churches, high-end rental facilities and broadcasters.

The Green-GO system requires no central processors, matrix or dedicated wiring network, as each device stores a copy of all configuration information and operates over any PoE network.

Green-GO IP technology allows the implementation of a full intercoms system without expensive central matrixes and complex, time-consuming programming. It is the perfect “plug-and-play’ solution!

The Green-GO system is designed to operate on any 100Mbit Ethernet network without interfering with other data protocols co-existing on the system and will perform seamlessly, even when data traffic-levels are high.

Award Winning Products

Green-GO is the award winning digital intercom system used by broadcasters, professional sports - including the NFL and NASCAR - houses of worship, and production teams all over the world.

Wide Variety of Solutions

We offer a wide variety of high quality products, including bridges, switches, belt packs and key panels.

Attentive Support

If you ever have a problem with one of our devices, please reach out to us and we'll help you fix the issue.


Dependable communication is crucial to any live performance, from the earliest stages of production to the night of the show. Green-GO’s flexible, intuitive intercom technology can be found behind the scenes in venues across the world, from the touring productions of world-famous musical artists to cruise ship stages traversing the seas.


Since 2016, Green-GO comms provided by Nova Lume have been utilized by the NFL, NASCAR, and college sports venues alike for instant replay, coach-to-coach communications, IT needs, back of house production, and more. Green-GO’s scalable intercom technology has been utilized in major sporting events, including Super Bowl LVII, providing seamless coverage from the stadium to the Great Lawn.

Houses of Worship

From the United States to Australia, from small services to campus-wide systems, Green-GO intercom is meeting the communication and broadcast needs of houses of worship across the globe. AV staff can easily be trained on Green-GO’s accessible and adaptable comms, creating an elevated experience for congregations of all sizes.

TV Broadcast

In the constantly evolving world of film and television, simple, efficient, customizable technology is a must in keeping crews connected. Game days, Twitch streams, or pay-per-view events—Green-GO solutions have the capacity to meet every broadcast need.

Security Solutions

Green-GO intercom is a trusted and effective voice communication tool for situations in which stakes are high and security is integral. With no central point of failure, plug-and-play functionality, and high- quality audio output, Green-GO systems can be quickly and efficiently deployed by military, security, and government organizations.