Our Products

Nova Lume 6000 mAH Battery Pack for GGO Wireless Beltpacks


Beltpack Harness


Power supply for all MCD/MCR, 12V 1,8ADC on miniDC plug 5.5mm


24 Channel Key Panel Extension, Desktop


24 Channel Key Panel Extension, 1U Rack Mount with Power Supply


Wireless Active Antenna


8 PoE ports + 1 port ethernet switch in 19″, 1U cabinet


5 ports truss mount ethernet switch with Power over Ethernet)


Rack Mount Kit for SW5


Spare Battery for WBPX


Green-GO! Single Cup Headset


Green-GO! Dual Cup Headset


Electret Gooseneck Microphone, 430mm, 12-52V


Electret Gooseneck Microphone, 300 mm, 12-52V


Telephone Style Handset, coiled cable with XLR4


32 channel wired beltpack – Sport Version (LCD, Large Buttons)


Bridge Interface 4 Port


6 Way Rack Mount Battery Charger


Wireless Beltpack


32 Channel Wired Beltpack


Single Port 4W or Line In/Out Throw Down Interface


Single Port 2W Throw Down Interface


Surface Mount Wall Station w/ Headset and Speaker


Quad 4Wire Interface


Green-GO 2Way Radio Interface


Dante Interface


18 ports Gigabit Switch, 2 FO SFP cages, 8x PoE + 8x non-PoE ports


Cue Light/Call Beacon


Wireless Beltpack – Sport Version (LCD, Large Buttons)


32 Channel Key Panel, Desktop


32 Channel Key Panel, 1U Rack Mount


Audio Interface, 2 x 4-wire and 2-wire in 19″, 1U