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Frequently Asked Questions

Version 5 is a complete overhaul of the system with overall enhanced performance and many new features and refinements. Oh, it’s packaged in a much more modern, more user-friendly platform too.

You can identify an “i” variant by its firmware version (“MCXi”, “BPXi”).Using the software, navigate to the firmware column in the connection’s window. You can also check the info page on the settings menu of the device.

“Autotalk” is the key here. On the device channel assignment, allocate and then double click on the group of channels you’d like and change the channel mode from normal to autotalk.

No, Green-GO works on a decentralised workflow which means the smallest system comprises of 2 wired beltpacks and a PoE switch, scaling up and adapting from there to suit requirements.

Yes, Green-GO Control software offers a comprehensive and visual way to program your system both off and online.

There are two ways to pair beltpacks to antennas, “OTA” both devices are put into a pairing mode and connect wirelessly. “Pools” Devices are connected to a computer and configured using the control software, Pools also allows for beltpacks to “roam” between multiple antenna placements.

All devices are updated via the control software, ethernet devices should be found in the “network tab” and wireless beltpacks should be under the “USB” tab once connected to the computer via USB.

Green-GO will sit comfortably on most networks with consideration for bandwidth and QoS were necessary. Green-GO’s PoE switches offer a very reliable AV orientated option.

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