18 ports Gigabit Switch, 2 FO SFP cages, 8x PoE + 8x non-PoE ports

Green-GO switches form the backbone of the network distribution system. The Green-GO switchGBx 18 has been specifically designed for live entertainment applications where a mixture of data protocols would overload and saturate commercially-available network switches.

The switchGBX 18 allows you to effortlessly set up VLAN trunking through fast redundant loops. It’s very easy to create virtual networks that can communicate with each other through a trunking connection – thus allowing traffic to and from devices on different networks. By creating a loop between two or multiple devices, the Green-GO switchGBX 18 completely eliminates delays and device redundancy. If a connection between two devices is broken, it will be bypassed through a different route in the configuration because every device is part of a loop.

The Green-GO switchGBx 18 features 16 Ethernet ports with speeds up to 1GB and 2 SFP cages for fiberoptic capable of speeds up to 2.5Gbps. The ethernet ports on the front panel support PoE and have RGB LED status indicators.