Quad 4Wire Interface

Green-GO Quad 4-wire Interface. The Green-GO Quad 4 wire interface can connect any 4-wire analogue system to the Green-GO network.
A 4-wire port consists of a pair of 3-pin XLR in and output ports with a Sub-D9 connector for general purpose in and output for contact closures.
This allows separate audio signals to be injected into and extracted from the Green-GO network All ports can be configured individually through the setup menu of the Green-GO Quad 4 wire.
A 4-wire port can operate in a full user based mode or a general purpose line in/out mode The Quad 4-wire interface has a large TFT color screen for easy and quick setup and menu navigation. The display wil give a quick overview of transmitted and received audio signals and levels. The general purpose in and outputs can be setup to send and receive calls or cues or to activate channels