Wireless Beltpack – Sport Version (LCD, Large Buttons)

The WBPXSP Wireless sports Beltpack was developed for use outdoors, utilizing a backlit LCD display for easier viewing in sunlight, and larger, weather- tight buttons for protection from wet conditions and use with gloves. It’s a lightweight and durable companion Ethernet network based digital intercom system, providing comfortable and direct access to up to 4 direct channels.

The LCD can display text messages, light and call signs, as well as status messages clearly in any environment. Incoming call signals
are indicated by a red/white flashing display, while alarm signals
can additionally activate an alarm tone if desired. Two multi-purpose encoders on the sides of the unit complete the hardware features, providing multiple functions including volume control. All settings can be made either on the device itself via the integrated display or via the free Green-GO Control Software.

The WBPXSP Wireless sports Beltpack uses DECT wireless technology to communicate with the WAA antenna, providing the same features and flexibility that you‘re already familiar with from the Green-GO wired system. This allows for users to seamlessly switch from wired to wireless without having to learn a new system. Each WBPXSP Wireless sports Beltpack can be paired with up to four WAA antennas to extend the range as required.

The WBPXSP Wireles sports Beltpack provides direct access to up to
4 Channels. The 4 big buttons can be used either all as
talk buttons, or as a combination of talk and call buttons (in the combination 2/2 or 3/1). A simple press of the button will toggle (Latch), while a long press will temporarily activate the voice connection (PTT). A simple key combination enables the user to enter the extended Channel mode, where there‘s access to all 32 available Channels.

The WBPXSP Wireless Sports Beltpack comes with a battery life of 5-7 hours and can be operated or charged via the mini usb port. A separate charging station is not mandatory.