Duke Kunshan University chooses Green-GO comms

China – Thanks to EZPro – one of China’s leading providers of entertainment technology solutions – the staff and undergraduates of Duke Kunshan University now have the use of a brand-new ethernet-based communications system from Dutch manufacturer, Green-GO. The provision of the renowned communications platform brings the advantages of flexibility and cost-effective reliability to team communications on the University’s new campus.

Situated in Jiangsu province, close to the bustling megacity of Shanghai, Kunshan is renowned for its ancient traditions and cultural significance to this area of eastern China. Opened in 2013, Duke Kunshan University is a joint venture between Duke University of Durham, North Carolina, USA and China’s Wuhan University, and is now an independently accredited establishment. The recent completion of the university’s Phase II campus development expands the facilities available to students, adding a grand theatre, multi-functional spaces, cafés, basketball courts, an outdoor stadium and a ‘natatorium’ – an indoor swimming pool complex.

Enabling easy-to-use, efficient and powerful intercom systems for the theatre and multi-functional spaces, the system provided by EZPro is based around a Green-GO MCXD Multi-Channel Desk Station, which provides direct, flexible access to 32 separate users or groups via individual multicoloured pushbuttons. With its built-in loudspeaker and three colour TFT touchscreens, the MCXD provides both immediate access and clear, at-a-glance indication of the channels’ status.

Two wired beltpacks (BPX) and eight wireless beltpacks (WBPX) are available to users, with four of Green-GO’s WAA wireless antennas (each able to link with up to four wireless beltpacks) link the system’s communication capabilities. Further extending the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Green-GO system, an INTERFACE X unit is also provided, with the ability to incorporate 2-wire or 4-wire analog intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network.

“This is another very fine example of how Green-GO technology can answer varied communications needs in a straightforward, easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable manner,” says Green-GO’s Silvio Cibien. “We are delighted to have EZPro as a partner in China. Their expertise is exceptional!”

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