Green-GO system provides rock solid OB comms for Gameday Hire Sydney

Australia – Sydney-based Gameday Hire recently invested in a Green-GO digital intercom system for its outside broadcast facility as a cost-effective and robust solution for its range of projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The company is headed up by Australian broadcast industry veteran Andy Liell, who was searching for a communications system that was fully IP-based and offered world-class performance. Gameday Hire’s team travels across the region, often delivering outside broadcast (OB) technology in remote locations that required rock solid communications.
Gameday Hire’s OB trailer was designed as a heavily IP-based facility, with extensive use of NDI and Dante based audio. The system architecture utilises distributed network nodes to enable vision, audio and comms to be connected over single fiber pairs.

“When looking for a comms system, a fully IP-based system was required to take advantage of the trailer’s system design,” says Liell. “I’ve used all the major broadcast comms system brands before, and Green-GO was a new-ish player in this space. Right from the beginning, what attracted me to Green-GO was the lack of requirement for a traditional comms matrix. Your network switch is your matrix and every Green-GO unit on the network carries the configuration information. This has a number of advantages, foremost being that from a redundancy point of view there is no single point of failure in the system.”

The Gameday Hire team is now armed with multiple Green-GO MCX multi-channel rack and MCX-D multi-channel desk stations, Dante interfaces and Green-GO Slim Audio Interface 4-wire devices, as well as multiple Green-GO wireless beltpacks and antennas.

“We tested the Green-GO wireless system on an early OB and I found the performance of the system to be outstanding,” adds Liell.

“The range is especially surprising, and also consistency of performance in different environments. The antennas are lightweight, discreet and because they are PoE powered, very easy to deploy. We have found the Green-GO system to deliver fantastic audio performance. It’s easy to programme, and very versatile supporting 2W, 4W, IP and Dante interfaces so it covers all our needs for interfacing into our audio system, and external analogue and IP-based sources.”

Gameday Hire provides facilities for many different types of projects, including motorsport, football and traditional multi camera entertainment jobs.

“One consistent piece of feedback from the Gameday users is the excellent sound quality of the system,” adds Liell. One highly experienced director, who has worked in the biggest OB and Studio facilities in the country said, “these comms sound better than anything I have ever heard.”

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