Nova Lume 6000 mAH Battery Pack for GGO Wireless Beltpacks

This isn’t just any battery: it’s an upgrade, enhancing your wireless experience with outstanding battery life. We specifically designed this new model to power your wireless beltpacks. The NL-3XNRGP boasts an impressive 6000 mAh capacity and outshines the previous model, the GGO-NRGP, by a long shot.

The power difference between the NL-3XNRGP and its predecessor is enormous. It delivers a jaw-dropping 233% increase in battery life and boasts an impressive run time of over 8 hours! In simple terms, this means you get more power for your beltpack, less time spent charging, and longer usage periods. It’s a game-changer for your wireless experience.

The NL-3XNRGP is designed to be compatible with current wireless beltpacks, working seamlessly with both the CBRS and DECT wireless packs. This means your current wireless equipment just got a serious upgrade!

Charging the NL-3XNRGP is a breeze. While you can use the GGO-BC6 for charging, the battery also supports USB-C charging, making it even more convenient. Upgrade to the NL-3XNRGP and enjoy a superior wireless experience.

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