Green-GO Private LTE Solution Expands

SB LVII provided an opportunity for Green-GO’s LTE Private Wireless product to show off its capabilities

Two Successful Seasons with NFL Leads to Expanded Deployment

Glendale, AZ, USA – SB LVII provided an opportunity for Green-GO’s LTE Private Wireless product to really show off its capabilities. First introduced for use by the NFL for coach-to-coach wireless communications, the big game provided an opportunity to deploy the system on an even larger scale.

“Wireless communications are always a vital part of any large broadcast event,” said Jim Casey, President atJAC Specialty Distribution, the US Distributor for Green-GO Digital Communications, “and it’s even more difficult when there are multiple broadcasters coordinating frequencies and technologies over a large area.”

CP Communications to the Rescue
The NFL has already benefited from using the Green-GO LTE products. CP Communications, a Green-GO Dealer, was in search of a wireless intercom solution that did not depend on the already-crowded 2.4 GHz and DECT spectrum.

“We needed a secure, reliable wireless communications system to handle the scope and scale of serving multiple broadcasters over several days, without interfering with any of the NFL systems,” said Michael Mason, President, CP Communications. “Teaming up with JAC and Green-GO using a proven product was the best solution.”

CP Communications deployed 60 Green-GO LTE beltpacks for use by all of the broadcasters on site during the pre-week and game day production schedule. In addition to the wireless network system, 32 party lines all had to be integrated into the CP truck to route all of the intercom audio to the various broadcasters. JMA Wireless was engaged to set up a private CBRS network which had to cover not only the set on the field, but also the support areas in the stadium, the truck compound, and the Great Lawn for seamless wireless coverage, no matter where the user needed to be.

Taking advantage of the coverage provided by JMA and the network set up by CP Communications, the NFL also used the wireless network and Green-GO devices for wireless intercom use by the Football Ops and NFL IT personnel on the field during the big game. This expanded use by the league was made possible by segregating the system from the existing JMA network used for the coach-to-coach system already in use.

JAC Specialty Distribution and Green-GO Digital Communications are excited about the potential for this revolutionary product line. “Green-GO led the way with the first IP-based digital intercom system,” says Jim Casey, “and now they are leading the way with a wireless solution that takes advantage of the security and frequency management of private CBRS/LTE networks. In addition to the coach-to-coach application, and now the broadcast application, we have this product deployed with several NASCAR racing teams to improve their in-race communications between pit row, trailers, and headquarters.”

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