Green-GO comms solution for Wuhan’s Han Theater Hall

Green-GO communications technology has been chosen for the new Han Theater Hall, at the heart of Wuhan’s International Expo Center

China – Communication systems from the award-winning specialist Green-GO have been chosen for Wuhan’s Han Theater Hall, part of the vast International Expo Center in the city’s Hanyang District. Developed by general contractor Wuhan Construction Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, the Center covers 55,000 square meters, integrating conference, business, theatre, exhibition and hotel facilities as well as residential real estate and an ecology park. 

Within the complex sits the 2,350-capacity Han Theater Hall. Here the overall design of the PA system in the auditorium was the responsibility of Beijing Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute. EZPro was brought in to provide clear, reliable, flexible and scalable audio solutions for this landmark building. With bases across China, EZPro is one of the country’s leading distributors of professional audio and lighting brands and a renowned solutions provider. Their contribution at Han Theater Hall included the venue’s essential crew communications.

“The Han Theater Hall will serve as a conference venue for high-level meetings, which has extremely high requirements for speech intelligibility and system stability,” says EZPro technical manager Zhu Liuwei. “The project needed an intercom system with a good quality of sound, which is easy to use and would be scalable. Therefore, we chose the innovative Green-GO digital intercom solution.”

Green-GO’s technology differs fundamentally from other current intercom designs in that it does not use a central matrix or routing-engine at its core. Instead, each Green-GO outstation holds all routing data, system set-up and user preferences – eliminating the possibility of a potentially catastrophic single point of failure. In the event of a problem, a faulty device can be easily removed, and its replacement, once introduced to the network, can clone all system configurations from a neighbouring device.

At Han Theater Hall, five Green-GO MCXD multi-channel desk stations are sited at various locations including the mix, video control, lighting control and stage operation positions, plus the voting control position for directors and other staff to use. There are 25 intercom network outlets in all, including in the amplifier room, signal switching room, mix position, and various lighting, backstage and bridge positions, for the connection of six Green-GO BPX multi-channel wired beltpacks. Furthermore, four Green-GO WAA wireless active antennas are separately configured both on- an off-stage to provide wireless communication signals for 16 Green-GO WBPX wireless beltpacks.

The system is also equipped with Green-GO InterfaceX, which links 2-wire or 4-wire analogue intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network, also to facilitate the connection between the intercom system and the PA system. In addition, a Green-GO RDX Radio Interface is provided for linking portable radios into the Green-GO system.

The client concluded, “The configuration of the system is easy, and we are impressed by the flexibility and the quality of the system. We would recommend Green-GO without any reservation.”

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