Green-GO system sails on MSC Cruises’ flagship “Virtuosa” as adaptable digital comms solution

Parma, Italy – MSC Cruises’ new Virtuosa has taken to the seas equipped with multiple theatres, live music spaces and entertainment rooms, with an AV crew communicating via a GREEN-GO digital communication system.

Virtuosa is taking cruisers around the Mediterranean, Middle East and across the Atlantic, with guests treated to Broadway-style theatres with West End and New York City performers on board. Biggest of all is Le Grand Théâtre, a 945-seat structure offering various shows every evening.

Italian technical consultants CM srl Multimedia Entertainment Engineering Design developed systems to support all the shows that will be staged in the ship’s theatres, specifying a Green-GO package sourced from Audiosales Entertainment Solutions.

Alessandro Bertulessi, Project Manager at CM srl, comments: “Choosing to switch to a digital intercom system like Green-GO has allowed us to create a simple and flexible infrastructure capable of dynamically adapting to all the needs of MSC Cruises technicians on board and for the various productions. Thanks to the network communication protocol and the connection of all the devices with a simple Ethernet cable, it is possible to create different configurations in a few seconds. 

Another great advantage was that the Green-GO system enabled us to interconnect with different areas of the ship, even if they are located far from each other, in a simple way via the network and without having to lay out metres of wiring.”

At the heart of the system is a Green-GO Interface X, which links the analogue intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network and two full-colour TFT touchscreen Green-GO Wall Panel X mount stations, offering direct access to three channels – either a single direct user or a group. It’s from here that the AV crew can connect to all desired stations on the Green-GO network.

The technical crew communicate via 18 Green-GO Wireless Beltpack X and four Beltpack X units, enabling each user to use 32 available channels to speak to the entire team in groups or privately to an individual. All communications run via four Green-GO Wireless Antenna, with each serving up to four Wireless Beltpacks. Call indication comes via four Green-GO Beacon units, that emit a flashing red light when communication is incoming.

Bertulessi adds: “We are always aiming to design increasingly innovative entertainment systems for passengers, trying to guarantee simplicity for the technicians and end users with maximum possible flexibility, so the systems can adapt to every event and situation.”

CM srl General Project Manager Claudio Mazzucchelli and designer Luca Fortina also contributed to the Green-GO system on the Virtuosa, and elements of installation were carried out by system integrator Videlio, and MESS Engineering srl.

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